Cheapest GPS Tracking System Made in Nepal

Our system is locally made therefore our system will be low-cost operated and so with a monthly plan. Your data will be stored on a server located in Nepal.

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Our Services

Our Core Service is to Make Fleet Management Easier.

Our mission is to provide the ultimate services for transport, bus, and fleet management with ease. You will be provided with overall all tools to manage your vehicles, passengers, transport, and all.

  • GPS Vehicle Tracking System

    Our main product is a GPS Vehicle Tracking system that will help you to find the precise location of your vehicles.

  • Fleet Management System

    Our other system is fleet management which can help you to manage large numbers of vehicles. You can track records of fuels, drivers, vehicle conditions, servicing, and all.

  • Public Vehicle Management

    If your vehicle is a public bus, or ambulance which needs public reach then you can list it to our public vehicle management so that the public can see the public vehicles near them.

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